The Nordstrom Effect

The Nordstrom Effect:


With the right experience you could change a perception.


I always hated wearing a suit. My whole life I never held an office job. I was either in construction or working in the gym. So my jobs never required me to wear a suit.
As a matter of fact I only owned one suit at all times. I called this my wedding/funeral suit. Because pretty much that was the only time I needed to wear it thank God. To change up my look only required a swap of the tie or shirt.

Then a few weeks ago I was asked to take part in a wedding photo shoot that required me wearing a suit. So I said, “You know what, I think it’s time for me to get fitted for a new sharp suit.
I decided since I’m going to do this, I needed to do it right. This led me to a store named Nordstrom. Maybe you’ve heard of it.


A female friend of mine went with me for an opinion and moral support since shopping especially for suits was not my thing. But as soon as I arrived, my whole outlook changed forever.
From the minute I got there, I was swooped up by this European woman who was measuring me, picking out suits for me and knew exactly what I needed.


Being an athletic guy with big arms always made suit fittings difficult for me. But this woman who worked for Nordstrom knew just what to do with me. She picked out the perfect suit and next called over someone else to alter exactly what needed to be altered so that the end result would be a perfectly fitting suit that I finally felt comfortable wearing.


For the first time in my life I was comfortable in a suit and actually enjoyed wearing it!
Yes, you pay more. But I believe the experience and result is always worth investing a little more.


That my friends is what I call The Nordstrom Effect.


The Nordstrom Effect can apply to anything in life.


The perception of whether or not you can use Lose the weight, the perception of whether someone wants to buy your service or product. Also with dealing with people in general and how you are perceived can be changed by giving them the right experience with you.


Here are three ways YOU can start applying the Nordstrom Effect in your life right away:
– Be consistent with everything you do
– Attention to detail
– Speed of implementing (Don’t wait for tomorrow what can happen now)


Go apply the Nordstrom Effect to your weight-loss goals, to your business/career, to your relationships and change those perceptions that are holding you back from wearing that suit that fits you perfect and show the world your best.


Let’s have an amazing experience together.


Greg Crawford

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