Ok, I spent some time thinking..a lot.  I thought about my top 10 commandments to live by to be a better you.  You may agree with most and may not, but I’m just gonna keep it real anyway.



1) Thou shall not use the words “I’ll try”

Using those words is a cop-out.  Either do or don’t.  When one uses those words, chances are they are just appeasing you or themselves.  Have more confidence in the way you speak.  If a loved one was unconscious in a burning house and you had a chance to pull them to safety, would you “try” and pull them out to safety or would you go without hesitation and pull their heavy ass to safety?



2) Thou shall make fitness a part of your lifestyle

Not just get on a short workout kick and then quit or show up to a workout here and there with a poor mindset.  Make some form of fitness a part of your life as watching American Idol every Tuesday night. Or better yet, substitute the two!


3) Thou shall not use the word “Can’t”

 Here is another word that should be struck from one’s vocabulary.  YOU CAN and don’t TRY.  By saying “I can’t” is self defeating and by nature we are not.  Get that defeated word out of your mind because it represents fear and doubt.  Failing at something doesn’t mean you are a failure.  It just means there is another way.  For every time you fail, you get closer to what it is you want to achieve.




4) Thou shall find balance in ones life

 Too many of us are spending way too much time on certain aspects of our lives, not leaving room for other important things.  Here is a list of those aspects.  Take a look at where most of your time is spent and begin to make strides to balance it out more.

  • Career (job)
  • Entertainment (TV, bars, clubs, dinners)
  •  Family
  • Spirit (Church, Temple, Mosque, meditation, reading)
  • Health (Gym, exercise, healthy food prep, outdoor activities)



  5) Thou shall not be a crab in life and move away from crabs

 A crab is someone who likes to feed off other’s misery or despair.  One of my fitness business coaches once told me a story from when he was on vacation with his family.  He was at a boating dock in Alaska and noticed a fisherman’s bucket full of crabs.  Well one of those crabs was right near the edge and looked like it was about to get out, and thats when he yelled to the fisherman that he was about to lose a crab.  Well the fisherman said, “don’t worry, watch what happens next.”  What happened next was the rest of the crabs grabbed onto that crab and pulled it back into the bucket.  The fisherman said, “by nature crabs will instinctively grab onto each other and pull each other down.

You see that happens to us when we say “misery loves company”.





6) Thou shall not eat food that has a laundry list of ingredients on the label





7) Thou shall seek help from an expert or mentor in area’s of life that needs improving

 When I decided to start my own company, I knew that my knowledge of business and marketing was limited.  The health and fitness thing I had down pat.  I seeked out those in my field that were successful and learned from them.  Even my client’s who were successful business people I listened and learned from.  So whether you need a business coach, fitness coach or even a spiritual coach, seek help!


 8) Thou shall not look for security in a job…but in ones ability, health and life

 Ahh, job security.  More and more today we are finding out that just having a job is not the security we once knew.  With these big corporations dumping thousands of people at the drop of a dime, job security, like we knew it is a thing of the past.  That is why it is imperrative that we focus on our abilities and our health.  The days of just showing up and killing time are over.  Because if for years you just show up without improving your job value and your health, you might might just be stuck without a job one day unhealthy and unwanted.  That is a position you do not want to be in.





9) Thou shall embrace change

 Change is a part of life and inevitable.  When change happens without our own doing, embrace it and roll with the punches. It’s a part of life whether you like it or not.  It could very well be a hidden gem also.

If you are at a place also where you’re stuck in a rut, make a change!  Remember what the definition of insanity was: doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.


10) Thou shall be prepared (Failing to plan is planning to fail)

  Every night make a little to do list of important things that need to get done

  • With such a busy week, plan and prepare for your meals and workouts. Don’t let this slide because you forgot or you were in a rush.  Next thing you know your body and health slide with it!
  • Prepare your mind also.  Whether you are about to workout, work on a project, pray or just relax.  Your mindset is just as important if not more important than your physical happenings.



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